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Salton Induction Cooker ID1293- Re-certified
Salton Induction Cooker ID1293- Re-certified
Product Number: SASAICID1293R
Manufacturer Item Number:
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Induction cooking is an amazing technology used for decades in Canadian restaurants and commercial kitchens. Induction cooking is completely different from all other cooking technologies. It allows you to adjust the cooking heat instantly and with great precision, much like a gas burner, but with even more accuracy and without open flames. Conventional cooking methods involve generating heat which is then transferred to the cookware. Induction makes the cookware the original generator of the heat resulting in faster, safer, cleaner and more energy efficient cooking.

  • Temperature setting range: 80ºC (175ºF) to 240ºC (465ºF)
  • Power setting range: 200W to 1300W
  • Cooking timer – up to 3 hours with auto shut-off and audible signal
  • Audible error signal and auto shut-off for ‘pot detection’
  • Uniform heating with instant and precise temperature control
  • Perfect for student dorms, cottages, offices, camping, etc
  • Use any place a stove is not available or an extra cooking surface is required
  • 90 days warranty
Model Number: ID1293
Weight: 6 pounds
Product Dimensions: 8  (l)   x 13  (w)   x 17  (h)   inches